Neapolitans Drool
Their mouth is almost always wet.  
Drool mostly when food is around.
After drinking water their dewlap is soaked.


Neapolitans Chew
Love fine wood furniture.
Designer Shoes.
The siding off a garage.


Neapolitans = High Cost
Giant breeds, higher medical care cost.
Grooming costs, higher for large dogs.
Big dogs, charged more for boarding.


Neapolitans & Play Time
Male Neos tend to not tolerate other male dogs. Don't enjoy long jogs or hikes. Would rather eat the ball than play fetch.

Neapolitan Puppy

Cinciripini's Etna
Important points to remember when purchasing a Neapolitan Mastiff:
  • Don't Buy from a Pet Store.
  • AKC Registration.
  • $2000 to $4000 is normal.
  • Commitment to Socialization.
  • Training Program.
  • Pet Health Insurance.
  • Chewing.
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Written by Lisa Cinciripini   

Oh my, they are cute !

Cuteness aside, bringing a new Neapolitan Mastiff puppy into your life is a very serious decision.

Before you purchase a Neapolitan, please research the breed!

Here are some quick Neo facts to consider before you get a Neapolitan, if these freak you out - then perhaps you should consider a different breed

Neapolitans Drool
Alot of Neos enjoy chewing
Neos = big money out of your pocket
Some Neos don't play well with others

Ok, so your still here ?
Despite the above tendencies, the Neapolitan is the most unique, loyal, loving, mysterious, ancient, tenacious guardian, tender, loving
creature you could ever be fortunate enough to own.
This cute little newborn will be 150 to 180 pounds someday

If you decide to travel with your full grown mastino expect to pay more for his ticket than yours !

Average price for a Neapolitan in the U.S. is $2500 Common price range $2000 to $4000

Well, if that didn't scare you off - the Neapolitan Mastiff may be the breed for you.
The Neo is not as common as the golden retriever, however there are alot of Neo breeders. There are even Neapolitans in pet stores occasionally, in the pound and
in the backyard of many new "breeders". The very best recommendation I can give you is to research the breed, talk to many breeders and under no circumstances buy from a pet store.

Reputable breeders just don't sell to pet stores period. Only puppy mills sell to pet stores.

Expect to wait for a puppy, take your time and find just the right one for your family.
Find a breeder you can talk to, maintain a 8-10 year relationship with.

Before you get your puppy, you should have the following done:

  1. Read a book on the Neapolitan Mastiff - see the library
  2. Looked at the official standard of the breed - see standard
  3. Researched what you will feed your Neapolitan - see Feeding your Mastini
  4. Puppy proofed your house, fenced your yard
  5. Begin researching puppy supplies
  6. Find a puppy preschool or dog training class - see training
  7. Begin searching for a Vet - see How to Find a Vet

When you've done that - then finding a breeder to work with....