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Written by Lisa Cinciripini   
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 17:52

For those of you who would like to learn more about Leishmaniasis here are some studies and resources, check back often as we finish this page up:

Selected Research Papers
  • (April 2009) Christine Petersen  DVM.  New Means of Canine Leishmaniasis Transmission in North America: The Possibility of Transmission to Humans Still Unknown. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases Volume 2009 (2009), Article ID 802712, doi:10.1155/2009/802712
  • (October 2008) Katherine N. Gibson-Corley, Jesse M. Hostetter, Shannon J. Hostetter, Kathleen Mullin, Amanda E. Ramer-Tait, Paola M. Boggiatto, Christine A. Petersen. Disseminated Leishmania infantum infection in two sibling foxhounds due to possible vertical transmission. - Breakthru paper on transmission!

  • (July 2008) Jean-Claude Dujardin, Lenea Campino, Carmen Cañavate, Jean-Pierre Dedet, Luigi Gradoni, Ketty Soteriadou, Apostolos Mazeris, Yusuf Ozbel, and Marleen Boelaert. Spread of Vector-borne Diseases and Neglect of Leishmaniasis, Europe - a perspective paper

  • (June 2005) Debbie D. Joiner, DVM; Craig E. Greene, DVM, MS; Kenneth S. Latimer, DVM, PhD; Perry J. Bain, DVM, PhD; Heather L. Tarpley, DVM, PhD Leishmaniasis, An Overview. - excellent paper on Canine Leishmaniasis.

  • (Oct 2005) Ferroglio E, Maroli M, Gastaldo S, Mignone W, Rossi L. Canine leishmaniasis, Italy. Emerg Infect Dis. - Study reporting the northward spread of sandfly vectors in Italy.

  • (Mar 2004) Pratlong, et al. 712 strains of Leishmaniasis Infantum in S. France - describes the complexity of strains and patterns.

  • (Sept 2004) Pratt, Alexander. Does the Leishmania major paradigm of pathogenesis and protection hold for New World cutaneous leishmaniases or the visceral disease? - describes the T-cell responses for the control of disease.
  • (2005)  Rosypal, Alexa. Dissertation. Characterization of Canine Leishmaniasis in the United States: Pathogenesis, Immunological Responses, and Transmission of an American Isolate of Leishmania infantum.

  • (2002) CDC Presentation of USA Leishmaniasis emergence  - good illustration of foxhound infection in the United States.

  • (2002) Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais of Brazil Presentation of Canine Leishmaniasis - Excellent online presentation.

  • (2008) Video Presentation of Diagnosis
Vaccine Trials
  • (June 2007) Santos FN, Borja-Cabrera GP, Miyashiro LM, Grechi J, Reis AB, Moreira MA, Martins Filho OA, Luvizotto MC, Menz I, Pessôa LM, Gonçalves PR, Palatnik M, Palatnik-de-Sousa CB.  Immunotherapy against experimental canine visceral leishmaniasis with the saponin enriched-Leishmune vaccine.
  • (2005) F.S. Nogueiraa, M.A.B. Moreirab, G.P. Borja-Cabrerac, F.N. Santosc, I. Menzd, L.E. Parrad, Z. Xue, H.J. Chue, C.B. Palatnik-de-Sousac, ,  and M.C.R. Luvizottof. Leishmune® vaccine blocks the transmission of canine visceral leishmaniasis Absence of Leishmania parasites in blood, skin and lymph nodes of vaccinated exposed dogs. 
  • (2005) Gradoni, L., Manzillo, V. F., Pagano et. all..Failure of a multi-subunit recombinant leishmanial vaccine (MML) to protect dogs from Leishmania infantum infection and to prevent disease progression in infected animals.
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