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  • A lot or a little? Wolves discriminate quantities better than dogs
    Being able to mentally consider quantities makes sense for any social species. Scientists studied how well dogs can discriminate between different quantities and discovered that wolves perform better than dogs at such tasks. Possibly dogs lost this skill, or a predisposition for it, during domestication.
  • The bloody truth: How blood donations can save animals' lives
    Blood transfusions are of importance not only in human medicine. Also animals do need blood donations. The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna operates a blood bank for dogs for more than a decade. But also cats can donate blood for acute emergencies. Horses need blood donations especially during operations that involve high blood loss. Sheep, goats and other ruminants require transfusions when plagued by serious infestations of parasites. Three vets from different areas of expertise explain how blood transfusions work with different animal species and how they can save lives.
  • Lethal control of wolves backfires on livestock
    Researchers have found that it is counter-productive to kill wolves to keep them from preying on livestock. Shooting and trapping lead to more dead sheep and cattle the following year, not fewer. Wildlife biologists say that, for each wolf killed, the odds of more livestock depredations increase significantly.
  • Cancer Prevalent in Pets but Treatable, Says Veterinarian
    Common cancers in humans are also common cancers in pets. A veterinarian lays out the warning signs that could indicate your dog or cat has cancer.
  • Fear and caring are what's at the core of divisive wolf debate
    To hunt or not hunt: Wolves can't be quantified as simply as men vs. women, hunters vs. anti-hunters, Democrats vs. Republicans or city vs. rural.

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