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  • Wolves seeks refuge from hunters during breeding periods
    Wolves lower the risk of interacting with humans during the reproduction period -- when they are most vulnerable -- and adopt some similar behaviors in their areas, from Alaska to India and Afghanistan, according to a new study.
  • Dogs de-stress families with autistic children, new research shows
    Owning a pet dog reduces stress and significantly improves functioning in families who have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), new research has shown.
  • Spit personality
    In the name of spit science, Douglas Granger and his colleagues have collected saliva samples from a restless polar bear, a college marching band and Navy medics dodging bullets in simulated combat. The mouthwatering liquid is a gold mine of information, says Granger, an "oral fluid" expert. A fraction of a drop of spit can be used to measure stress, decipher relationship dynamics, predict heart trouble and even help football players train more effectively.
  • Research highlights the legal issues of certifying emotional support animals
    Service animals are recognized by the ADA as those whose training helps them serve a specific disability-related function. However, people not necessarily exhibiting a mental or physical disability are eluding the system by asking their mental health professionals to certify 'emotional support animals'. Researchers are exploring the effects these requests are having on the mental health profession and recommend that psychologists refrain from issuing certifications to avoid legal risks.
  • Is the Agile Wallaby man's new best friend?
    Looking for a new pet? If so, consider the Agile Wallaby or the Asian Palm Civet. Responding to the growing trend in keeping exotic animals as pets a team of researchers has developed a methodology to assess the suitability of mammals to be kept domestically. The top five animals were: the Sika Deer, Agile Wallaby, Tamar Wallaby, Llama, and Asian Palm Civet.

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