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  • Stress 'sweet spot' differs for mellow vs. hyper dogs
    People aren't the only ones who perform better on tests or athletic events when they are just a little bit nervous -- dogs do too. But in dogs as in people, the right amount of stress depends on disposition. A new study finds that a little extra stress and stimulation makes hyper dogs crack under pressure but gives mellow dogs an edge.
  • The mosquito smells, before it sees, a bloody feast
    The itchy marks left by the punctured bite of a mosquito are more than pesky, unwelcomed mementos of a day at the lake. These aggravating bites can also be conduits for hitchhiking pathogens to worm their way into our bodies. Mosquitoes spread malaria, dengue, yellow fever and West Nile virus, among others. As the bloodsucking insects evolve to resist our best pesticides, mosquito control may shift more to understanding how the mosquitoes find a tasty -- and unsuspecting -- human host. A team of biologists has now cracked the cues mosquitoes use to find human hosts.
  • One in four UK show dogs competing at Crufts is overweight
    One in four dogs competing in the world's largest canine show (Crufts) is overweight, despite the perception that entrants are supposed to represent ideal specimens of their breed, reveals research.
  • Romeo and Juliet roles for banded mongooses
    Female banded mongooses risk their lives to mate with rivals during pack 'warfare' and both males and females have also learned to discriminate between relatives and non-relatives to avoid inbreeding even when mating within their own social group.
  • European rule changes on cross border pet transport may heighten rabies risk
    Recent changes to regulations on the transport of pets across Europe may have increased the threat of introducing rabies from rescue dogs into countries considered free of the disease, suggests research.

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