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Out of Print Neapolitan Mastiff Books PDF Print E-mail

A large number outstanding books about the Neapolitan Mastiff are out of print. 

Occassionally they do appear on eBay or Amazon.


The Neapolitan Mastiff by Mario Zacchi (1983)ISBN-13:978-8870192018

Il Mastino Napoletano ()ISBN-88-412-0450-8

Le Matin Napolitain by Jean Pierre Beck ()ISBN-2-908786-12

El Mastin Napolitano by Anne Marie Delalix ()ISBN-84-315-0222-3

Il Molosso by Felice Cesarino -Italian (1995)ISBN-88-85346-21-9

El Mastini Napolitano by Nicola Imbimbo ()ISBN-

Il Mastino Napoletano by Guido Vandoni- Italian ()ISBN-88-412-2393-6

Der Mastino Napoletano by Walt Weisse - German ()ISBN-3-924180-008

The Neapolitan Mastiff by Dr.Sherlyn Allen - English ()ISBN-88-412-2393-6

Mastini Napolitano by Salvador Gomes - Spanish ()ISBN-84-305-8548-6