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Eye Care Product

Optimmune is an excellent antibiotic ointment, it is prescription only and very expensive. A recipe provided by Bravado Mastino is extremly similiar to Optimmune and easy to compound.

Eye ointment recipe:
2 caps 100mg Sandimmune or cyclosporine QS to 100ml w/cornoil final pt. 2% concentration Be Accurate - for cornea ulcerations, infections, dry eye.

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Dry Eye also known as KCS or keratoconjunctivitis sicca is what it implies; the eye is too dry, lacking tear production. Many things may or may not lead to dry eye, exact causes are often unknown:

  • Distemper Infection
  • Anesthesia can reduce tear production temporarily
  • Exposure to Sulfa containing antibiotics
  • Removal of the third gland (cherry eye)
  • Numerous unsuccessful tacks of the third gland
  • Immune mediated destruction of tear gland tissue

Dry Eye is best treated with a cyclosporine ointment known as optimmune, also the use of lubricating drops several times a day offers relief.