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Finding a Neapolitan Mastiff Breeder

You can check out our breeder listing

Things to ask a breeder -

**How long have you had mastini ?
**How long have you bred mastini?
**How many litters a year do you have?
**What other breeds do you breed ?
**Do you show or have you shown your Neapolitans?

Expect that breeder to ask you many questions as well. 


Unfortunately, there are a quite a few shady characters out there selling Neapolitans (and other breeds)
but here are a  few red flags to watch out for:

"I sell the rare and expensive tawny color, red color, silver color, etc...."
The Neo comes in four colors: grey (blue), black, tawny, mahogany nothing rare about any of them.

"My puppies are dual registered or with some registry other than AKC"
The Neapolitan is registered with the AKC , don't fall for a line of crap about other registries, there is NO other legitimate registry in the United States.

Check out the AKC banned breeder listing if you are concerned

Further Research on choosing a breeder -  

How to find a Good Neapolitan Mastiff Breeder Article at  Il Colosseo