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Choosing a Veterinarian PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lisa Cinciripini   

How to find a Vet for your Neapolitan Mastiff

First you have to determine what type of Vet you need. Unfortunatley most of us do not have one vet for everything. All though there are some good old Vets still around that know alot about alot of different things. Hopefully, you can be referred by a Neapolitan Mastiff breeder in your area.

If you are totally on your own, you must locate and interview one on your own. I suggest:

  • Setting up an appointment to tour the facility
  • Take note of where and when your Vet graduated
  • Do they consider them self a specialist in any area or breed
  • What are their after hours emergency procedures
  • Will they respond or do you have to go to an emergency clinic
  • Is the clinic private owned or corporation owned: This is key because many corporation owned clinics have set in stone protocol and can prove to be unflexible and expensive.
  • If its private owned - then who owns it: This will let you know if the Vet your seeing has the authority to authorize treatments and procedures on their own.
  • How many if any Neapolitan Mastiffs they have as patients: If you are unable to receive a Neapolitan Mastiff breeder referral, you may try locating a Great Dane Breeder in your area for a referral.
  • Does the vet own dogs himself/herself ? if so, what do they feed? and what do they own?
  • Do you feel this is a vet you can talk with, is he/she open to alternate treatments ?

Different types of Clinics -
Small Animal Clinic - primarily for cats and dogs, pocket pets, birds, etc...
Large Animal Clinic - primarily horses, livestock...

I would highly recommend a large animal clinic over a small animal clinic. Because, large animal clinics have access to a larger variety of treatments and medicines than small animal clinics. For instance, a large animal clinic will carry more injectible medicines because they treat horses, they will carry larger doses of oral medication, etc... And most of all, I have found large animal clinics better at responding to emergencies.

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association - List of certified Vets. by state http://www.ahvma.org/

AltVetMed Site has numerous articles and lists of Vets. by treatment specialty http://www.altvetmed.org

Below is a list of Vet's recommended by Neapolitan Mastiff Breeders and Neapolitan Mastiff Rescue and Long time Neo Owners. If you would like to suggest a Vet,
feel free use the contact us link at the top to send recommendations.


Washington State

Tahoma Vet Hospital
Large Animal Clinic
Dr. Kertson
*referred by Cinciripini's

Parkland Animal
Dr. Valentine
Parkland, WA
*referred by Cinciripini's

Pet Doctor
Dr. Smith
Lakewood, WA
*referred by Cinciripini's


Wag 'n' Tails
Ft Lauderdale, FL
This clinic is used by USNMC rescue.
*referred by Patience

Stuart Animal Hospital 772-287-2242
This hospital has worked with Rescue for the last 6 years.
*referred by Patience


Whole Pet Mobile 
Mixed Animal Clinic
Dr. White
General Health, Ears and Reproduction
*referred by Cinciripini's


Upper Valley VetClinic
Dr Call, Dr Tew,
Dr Quirl
Rexburg, Idaho
*referred by Drool'n


Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital
Inver Grove Heights,MN
Dr. Jim Winsor, 
General and Reproduction
(651) 451-4404
*referred by Runestone

Veterinary Medical Center University of Minnesota (Teaching Hospital)
Dr. Peggy Root - Repro Specialist
St Paul, MN
(612) 625-1919
*referred by Runestone

Emergency Veterinary Service
Golden Valley Clinic
Dr Silerud 
(specializes in eye stuff)
(763) 529-6560
*referred by Runestone


Ironstone Clinic
Dr. Allen
Boyertown, PA
specializes in Neos
*referred by Cinciripini's


Dr. Dana Rozelle Bleifer

works at two clinics:
Warner Center PetClinic, Woodland Hills
Rose City Veterinary Hospital, Pasadena
*referred by DelFeudoNisseno