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AKC Registration PDF Print E-mail

An overwhelming amount of New Neo Owners are scammed by false registries.
The Neapolitan Mastiff is  RECOGNIZED by The American Kennel Club (AKC)
This means if you live in the United States and your puppy was
born in the US it should have AKC papers.
What are papers ?  What is dog registration ?
Dog Papers or Puppy Papers are kinda like a passport.  They identify your puppy and without proper papers your puppy cannot be registered in foreign countries or the US, or enter dog shows.


Legitimate Dog Registration was created to maintain a registry for purebred dogs and preserve its integrity.  To provide a non-bias but regulating means to ensure the pedigrees of purebred dogs.

Your puppy papers are a birth certificate, which must be issued by a proper authority in order to get your passport or Dog Registration.
Now many people say that they don't care about the papers, well legitimate dog registration is part of pure breed animal husbandry.  If you purchase a pure bred Neapolitan Mastiff then you should receive pure registration.  It is simple, cheap and easy.  Proper papers indicate a pure breed dog without them you may or may not have a pure breed dog.  A legitimate breeder will have legitimate papers, period.

America - Land of Free Commerce !
Because America is the land of free commerce, anyone can start a business in their living room doing anything including a Dog Registry !  All you need is a computer and a printer with a little creativity and bingo your in business.  Not a very ethical business but technically a legal one.

Every Country issues it's own passport and every Country recognizes the "official" passport of other Countries.
You can't enter Spain with a passport issued by a convenience store right, you need an Official US passport issued by the Department of State and in order to get that passport you must have a legitimate birth certificate.
The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a non-profit organization\club and is the only world wide recognized dog registration for the United States.

In order to have AKC papers on your puppy it must be born in the United States or enter the US with papers (passport) from the correct foreign registry.

Now, being as Americans are well noted for their creativity in business we have many "Dog Registries", many of which are named very, very close to foreign legitimate registries.  Creating confusion among the average dog owner.

The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is the official dog registration  for Canada and they recognize AKC and AKC recognizes them.  In order to have CKC papers your puppy must have been born in Canada.  You can't have a CKC dog in America but if you buy a CKC dog from Canada, AKC will recognize it and register it. 

In Louisiana there is a dog registry called the CKC, it is not the Canadian Kennel Club but the Continental Kennel Club.  Although their website and "papers" are very pretty they are not a recognized by the AKC or other foreign registries.  If you would like to register your dog with them you need NO documentation except a couple pictures and a witness.  No birth certificate, No proof of parentage.  They even so much as have a "standard" which states the "Neapolitan Mastiffs muzzle should taper" - a dobermans muzzle should taper, a Neapolitan Mastiffs muzzle should be square.  How ridiculous would a Neo look with a muzzle that tapers!

Throughout the rest of the world The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) regulates Dog Registry.  The FCI was created in 1911 and oversees over 80 countries.  Including Italy, where our beloved Neapolitan Mastiff originated.  Each country has ONE official registry, for Italy it is ENCI.

Now FIC is another business in Alabama, it is not the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) but the Federation International Canines.  Although their logos and initials are identical in content they are not related what so ever!  The papers issued by the FIC are very official looking and easily confused with the real FCI documents.  Again, you need nothing to "register" your dog with them, except a credit card. FIC registration papers are NOT recognized by the AKC or anyother foreign registry.

Basically each Country has ONE official Registry, if the dog is born in that country it gets the respective papers then when it moves to another Country it must get new papers from that Country's official registry.  All Countries have agreements but only with the correct official registry.

Official Dog Registries

United States of America - American Kennel Club

Canada -  Canadian Kennel Club

Other Countries See FCI for official list

To Learn more about AKC registration visit their website at: