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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 21 April 2008 21:56

The New Neapolitan Owner Section

Congratulations !!!!

1)   First thing you should do is visit your vet, even if your new mastino appears perfectly healthy it is important to develop a reletionship with your vet, before there is a problem.  If you don't have a vet already visit the "Finding a Vet" in the Neapolitan Health Section.
Be sure to have your vet review the puppies vaccinations to ensure they are correct for your area.

2)  Send your AKC registration in, there is an expiration date on your puppy papers.  See our article on dog registration.

3)  Begin training, start with crate training and potty training of course.

4)  Join a Neapolitan Mastiff Club to meet other Neo owners.

5)  Feed him or her right to ensure a long and healthy life for your new baby.

6)  Give him\her  time to adjust, I know it is tempting to invite everyone you know over the first day you get your new mastino, but it is better to let him adjust for a few days prior to company coming over.

7)  If you have not yet, get some reading and research material together so that you can be prepared as your neapolitan grows, changes and matures.  What can you expect when he\she becomes a teenager ?  How should you handle initial signs of
aggression ?  How to recognise initial signs of heat in the female ? 

8)  Stay in contact with your breeder, send him or her pictures periodically.  Your breeder will be able to spot if your puppy is underwieght or overwieght etc..

9)  Take a look at the New Neapolitan Mastiff Check List

10)  Join the Everything Neapolitan Mastiff Newsletter

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